PlaymoDB List - Sets needing verification as of Wednesday January 11, 2017

Results: 96 sets

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3223 Playground Set (Freetime)
3442 Blacksmith (Old Houses)
3455 Medieval Pottery (Old Houses)
3456 Ambulance With Red Roof (Rescue)
3551 Fishing Boat (Waterworld)
3761 Mobile Crane Truck (Construction)
3958 Small Western Train Set (Western Train)
3958 Small Western Train Set (Western Train)
3958 Small Western Train Set (Western Train)
4017 RC Nostalgiebahn (Train)
4017 RC Nostalgiebahn (Train)
4036 Heavy Duty Mobile Crane (Construction)
4053a Work Train (Revised) (Train)
4076 Dinosaur Combo Set (Dinosaur Expedition)
4076 Dinosaur Combo Set (Dinosaur Expedition)
4076 Dinosaur Combo Set (Dinosaur Expedition)
4897 Take Along Farm (Farm)
5157 PLAYMOBIL Figures Boys (Series 2) (Figures)
5158 PLAYMOBIL Figures Girls (Series 2) (Figures)
5204 PLAYMOBIL Figures Girls (Series 1) (Figures)
5225 Horse Care Station (Riding Stables)
5284 PLAYMOBIL Figures Boys (Series 4) (Figures)
5285 PLAYMOBIL Figures Girls (Series 4) (Figures)
5300 Large Victorian Dollhouse (Victorian)
5306 Children's Room (Modern House)
5307 Vintage Bathroom (Modern House)
5336 Country Kitchen (Modern House)
5337 Airport Fire Engine with Lights and Sound (Airport)
5338 Airport with Control Tower (Airport)
5398 Fire Quad (Airport)
5444 Fairy Island with Jewel Fountain (Fairy World)
5461 PLAYMOBIL Figures Girls (Series 5) (Figures)
5479 Great Asian Castle (Knights)
5495 Advent Calendar Fire Rescue Operation with Card Game (Christmas)
5564 SWAT Command Vehicle (Police)
5576 Modern Dressing Room (Modern House)
5577 Modern Bathroom (Modern House)
5582 Modern Designer Kitchen (Modern House)
5583 Modern Bedroom (Modern House)
5584 Modern Living Room (Modern House)
5636 Luxury Beach House (Modern House)
5661 Play Box - Fairies (Fairy World)
5662 Take Along School House (City Life)
5663 Take Along Fire Station (Rescue)
5684 Pony Farm (Riding Stables)
6041 Wolf Knights with Catapult (Knights)
6055 Fairies with Toadstool House (Fairy World)
6109 Glass Sorting Truck (City Service)
6111 Landscaper with Lawn Mower (City Service)
6144 Construction Site SuperSet (Construction)
6157 My Secret Motorcycle Workshop Play Box (City Life)
6158 My Secret Forest Animals Play Box (Farm)
6195 Space Rocket with Launch Site (Space)
6196 Space Shuttle (Space)
6389 Extension for Modern Luxury Mansion (Modern House)
6469 Hide (Farm)
6481 Grounded Wreck (Pirates)
6486 Nile Ship (Egyptians)
6499 Hardware Store Furniture (City Life)
6500 Airport Security Check (Airport)
6513 Caravan (Add-Ons/Vehicles)
6519 Princess Castle Extension B (Fairy Tales)
6520 Chimney Room (Fairy Tales)
6521 Castle Kitchen (Fairy Tales)
6628 Eagle Knights` Attack Tower (Knights)
6636 Zookeeper's Cart (Zoo)
6657 Furnished Children's Hospital (Rescue)
6659 X-Ray Room (Rescue)
6660 Maternity Room (Rescue)
6672 Splish Splash Café (Leisure)
6685 Ambulance with Lights and Sound (Rescue)
6686 Emergency Medical Helicopter (Rescue)
6688 Musical Flower Tower with Twinkle (Super 4)
6692 Techno Chameleon with Gene (Super 4)
6695 Royal Tribune with Alex (Super 4)
6697 Take Along Black Baron's Castle (Super 4)
6811 Forest Ranger's House (Farm)
6812 Forest Pick Up Truck (Farm)
6831 Fire & Ice Action Game (Space)
6840 Figures Serie 10 Boys (Figures)
6841 Figures Serie 10 Girls (Figures)
6854 Royal Birthday Party (Fairy Tales)
6855 Castle Stable (Fairy Tales)
6856 Royal Couple with Carriage (Fairy Tales)
6862 Take Along Fashion Boutique (City Life)
6865 Schoolhouse (City Life)
6872 Polizei-Kommandozentrale mit Gefängnis (Police)
6878 Polizei-Straßensperre (Police)
6879 Robber's Quad with Loot (Police)
6887 Camping Lodge (Leisure)
6887 Camping Lodge (Leisure)
6919 Police Headquarters with Prison (Police)
6924 Police Roadblock (Police)
6927 Pony Farm (Riding Stables)
6978 Cruise Ship (Leisure)
9148 Tugboat (Waterworld)

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