PlaymoDB List - Sets needing instructions as of Sunday August 13, 2017

Results: 71 sets

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6355 Pigs (Add-Ons/Domestic Animals)
6356 2 cows with calf (Add-Ons/Domestic Animals)
6357 2 cows with calf (Add-Ons/Domestic Animals)
6361 Leopards with babies (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6366 Mammoth with Calf (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6534 Pony family (Add-Ons/Domestic Animals)
6539 Leopard family (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6540 Lynx family (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6542 Chimpanzee family (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6549 Grandmother and grandfather (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6555 Set of lights (Add-Ons/Pumps-Electric)
6561 Fairy family (Fairy World)
6562 Royal family (Fairy Tales)
6565 Large yellow carry case (Add-Ons/Extras)
6566 Little boy (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6567 Little girl (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6640 Giraffe with Calf (Zoo)
6658 Pirate Keyring (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6664 Fireman Keyring (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6665 Mermaid Keyring (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6666 Medic Keyring (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6940 Leopard with Cubs (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6941 Warthogs (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6942 Gazelles (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6943 Wildebeests (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6944 Water Buffaloes (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6945 Hippo with Calf (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
9068 Schwertfisch mit Baby (Zoo)
9221 Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (Movies)
9247 Astrid & Stormfly (Movies)
9248 Drago & Thunderclaw (Movies)
9250 Dr. Drone's Command Center (Adventure)
9251 Agent T.E.C.'s Mech (Adventure)
9252 Agent P.'s Spy Racer (Adventure)
9253 Mega Drone (Adventure)
9254 Dr. Drone Pick-up (Adventure)
9255 Spy Team Battle Truck (Adventure)
9263 Adventskalender "Spy Team Werkstatt" (Christmas)
9264 Adventskalender "Wichtelwerkstatt" (Christmas)
9265 XXL Pirate (Pirates)
9266 Modernes Wohnhaus (Modern House)
9268 Badezimmer (Modern House)
9269 Große Familienküche (Modern House)
9270 Fröhliches Kinderzimmer (Modern House)
9271 Schlafzimmer (Modern House)
9272 Einweihungsparty (Modern House)
9280 Skihütte (Winter Fun)
9281 Auto mit Dachbox (Winter Fun)
9282 Skischule (Winter Fun)
9283 Schneeballschlacht (Winter Fun)
9284 Skifahrer mit Snowblades (Winter Fun)
9285 Schneemobil (Winter Fun)
9286 Freizeit-Wintersportler (Winter Fun)
9287 Biathletin (Winter Fun)
9288 Skirennläufer (Winter Fun)
9296 Schornsteinfeger mit Glücksschweinchen (Gift Series)
9340 Mobile Zwergenfestung (Knights)
9341 Ponygespann mit Zwergenballiste (Knights)
9342 Zwergenflugmaschine (Knights)
9343 Riesentroll mit Zwergenrucksack (Knights)
9344 Zwergenkönig (Knights)
9345 Zwerg und Pony mit Rüstung (Knights)
9370 Lastwagen (Add-Ons/Vehicles)
9371 Geldtransporter (Police)
9372 Polizeistation (Police)
9401 Reitsportgeschäft (City Life)
9402 Bike & Skate Shop (City Life)
9402x Playground (Antex)
9403 Bioladen (City Life)
9404 Familien-PKW mit Parkbucht (City Life)
9405 Shopping Girls (City Life)

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