PlaymoDB List - Sets needing instructions as of Friday April 21, 2017

Results: 87 sets

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4728 Referees (Sports)
4932 Blue Egg Go-Kart and Driver (Easter Eggs)
5193 Cyclist (Sports)
5197 2 Table Tennis Players (Sports)
5394 Caesar and Cleopatra (Romans)
5535 Cat Family with Basket (Animal Clinic)
5572 Ball Pit (City Life)
5592 St. Nicholas and Christmas Angel (Christmas)
6139 Woman with Cat Family (Farm)
6263 3 Foals with Feed (Add-Ons/Domestic Animals)
6271 Native American Chief (Indians)
6272 3 Native American Warriors (Indians)
6275 Confederate General (Western)
6276 3 Confederate Soldiers (Western)
6277 Western Sheriff (Western)
6310 2 Coupling Hooks (Train)
6611 Monkey Keyring (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6612 Panda Keyring (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6613 Skateboarder Keyring (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6615 Policeman Keyring (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6616 Knight Keyring (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6617 Equestrienne Keyring (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6618 Princess Keyring (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6619 Pirate Rico Keyring (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6926 Horse Farm (Riding Stables)
6928 Horse Transporter (Riding Stables)
6929 Horse Grooming Station (Riding Stables)
6930 Horse Show (Riding Stables)
6931 Horse Paddock (Riding Stables)
6932 Horse-Drawn Wagon (Riding Stables)
6933 Vaulting (Riding Stables)
6934 Horse Stable with Arabian (Riding Stables)
6935 Horse Stable with Appaloosa (Riding Stables)
9065 Hammerhead Shark with Baby (Zoo)
9066 Octopus with Baby (Zoo)
9068 Swordfish with Baby (Zoo)
9069 Seal with Pups (Zoo)
9070 Pelican Family (Zoo)
9071 Sea Turtle with Babies (Zoo)
9176 NHL® Locker Room Play Box (Sports)
9177 NHL® Shootout Carry Case (Sports)
9208 Fairies with Magic Cauldron (Easter Eggs)
9215 Prince and Princess (Knights)
9216 Cruise Ship Officers (Airport)
9217 Ranger and Hunter (Safari)
9218 Policeman and Burglar (Police)
9221 Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (Movies)
9224 Spengler and Ghost (Movies)
9230 Flower Children and Photographer (Wedding)
9234 Submarine with Underwater Motor (Waterworld)
9235 Firefighter with Car (Rescue)
9236 Policemen with Van (Police)
9241 PLAYMOBIL Figures Boys (Series 12) (Figures)
9242 PLAYMOBIL Figures Girls (Series 12) (Figures)
9243 Berk (Movies)
9244 Drago's Ship (Movies)
9245 Gobber with Catapult (Movies)
9246 Hiccup & Toothless (Movies)
9247 Astrid & Stormfly (Movies)
9248 Drago & Thunderclaw (Movies)
9249 Eret with 4 Shot Fire Ballista (Movies)
9250 Dr. Drone's Command Base (Adventure)
9251 Agent T.E.C.s' Robot (Adventure)
9252 Agent P. with Racer (Adventure)
9253 Mega Drone (Adventure)
9254 Dr. Drone's Pickup (Adventure)
9255 SpyTeam Battle Truck (Adventure)
9262 Advent Calendar - Horse Farm (Christmas)
9263 Advent Calendar - Top Agents (Christmas)
9264 Advent Calendar - Santa's Workshop (Christmas)
9265 XXL Pirate (Pirates)
9266 Modern House (Modern House)
9267 Living Room (Modern House)
9268 Bathroom (Modern House)
9269 Kitchen (Modern House)
9270 Children's Room (Modern House)
9271 Bedroom (Modern House)
9272 Housewarming Party (Modern House)
9280 Ski Lodge (Winter Fun)
9281 Winter SUV (Winter Fun)
9282 Ski Lesson (Winter Fun)
9283 Snowball Fight (Winter Fun)
9284 Skier with Poles (Winter Fun)
9285 Snowmobile (Winter Fun)
9286 Winter Sports Trio (Winter Fun)
9287 Female Biathlete (Winter Fun)
9288 Skier (Winter Fun)

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