PlaymoDB List - Sets needing instructions as of January 12, 2019

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3071 Schuletute (City Life)
3333 K-9 Patrol (Police)
4384 12 Straight Tracks (Train)
4385 12 Curved Tracks (Train)
4386 2 Straight Tracks (Train)
4387 2 Curved Tracks (Train)
4388 Left Switch (Train)
4389 Right Switch (Train)
4390 Cross Over Track (Train)
4391 Bumper Stop (Train)
5060 Crossing Guard (City Life)
5394 Caesar and Cleopatra (Egyptians)
6105 Zirndorf Jubiläums-Stadtpolizist "Bolli" (Promotional)
6188 TUV Rhineland (Promotional)
6201 Gorilla with Baby (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6260 2 Ostriches (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6371 Wall extension for Royal Lion Knight's Castle and Hawk Knights' (Knights)
6415 Fence Extension for Large Farm (6120) (Farm)
6421 Nilpferd mit Baby (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6461 Pegasus mit Fohlen (Fairy Tales)
6476 Exotic Animals (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6488 3 Egyptian Soldiers (Egyptians)
6489 Leader of the Egyptian Soldiers (Egyptians)
6490 3 Roman Soldiers (Romans)
6491 Roman Tribune (Romans)
6492 Egyptian Family (Egyptians)
6493 Roman Family (Romans)
6501 Policemen and Policewoman (Police)
6502 Police Boss (Police)
6506 5 Soccer Balls (Sports)
6511 Space Robot (Space)
6525 Detective (Victorian)
6528 Giveaway 1 (Gift Series)
6529 Giveaway 2 (Gift Series)
6530 Family (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6539 Leopard Family (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6540 Lynx Family (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6542 Chimpanzee Family (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6561 Fairy Family (Fairy World)
6562 Royal Family (Fairy Tales)
6566 Boy Giveaway (Gift Series)
6567 Girl Giveaway (Gift Series)
6583 Fire Brigade A Captain (Rescue)
6585 Fire Brigade B Captain (Rescue)
6588 Three Dwarf Fighters (Knights)
6589 Leader of the Gladiators (Romans)
6590 Three Gladiators (Romans)
6591 Ghost Pirate Captain (Pirates)
6592 Three Ghost Pirates (Pirates)
6593 Two Giant Trolls (Knights)
6595 Brachiosaurus with baby (Adventure)
6629 PLAYMOBIL XXL Santa Claus (Christmas)
6847 Knights' Rivalry Duo Pack (Knights)
70046 FCB Fußballarena (Sports)
70048 Helicóptero (Rescue)
70049 Ambulancia (Rescue)
70050 Vehículo médico de emergencias (Rescue)
70051 Motocicleta para emergencias (Rescue)
70052 Segway para rescate (Rescue)
70053 Quad con remolque para salvamento (Rescue)
70067 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S de la Policía (DE) (Promotional)
70069 PLAYMOBIL THE MOVIE Figures (S1) (Movies)
70071 PLAYMOBIL THE MOVIE Robot (Movies)
70088 Caravana familiar (Leisure)
70105 Panda Caretaker Carry Case S (Zoo)
70106 Knights Jousting Carry Case S (Knights)
70107 Princess Unicorn Carry Case L (Fairy Tales)
70108 Dino Explorer Carry Case L (Adventure)
70118 En la cuadra con Lucky, Pru y Abigail (Riding Stables)
70134 Mercado de granja móvil (Farm)
70147 Barco para extinción de incendios (Rescue)
70151 Barco pirata con motor (Pirates)
70168 Skatepark mit Halfpipe (Leisure)
7284 Umbrella (child size) (Add-Ons/Extras)
7286 Umbrella (child size) (Add-Ons/Extras)
7357 8 Adjustment Pieces (Train)
7360 Red Quartz Set 27.045 MHz (Add-Ons/Pumps-Electric)
7363 Dolphin with baby (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
7561 2 Wheel Assemblies/Couples (Train)
7570 Yellow Quartz Set 27.145 MHz (Add-Ons/Pumps-Electric)
7654 Orca Whale (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
7678 Viking Leader (Vikings)
7727 Prinzessinnen-T-Shirt (Weiß), Größe 104 (Add-Ons/Extras)
7728 Prinzessinnen-T-Shirt (Weiß), Größe 128 (Add-Ons/Extras)
7729 Prinzessinnen-T-Shirt (Weiß), Größe 140 (Add-Ons/Extras)
7730 Piraten-T-Shirt (Weiß), Größe 104 (Add-Ons/Extras)
7731 Piraten-T-Shirt (Weiß), Größe 128 (Add-Ons/Extras)
7732 Piraten-T-Shirt (Weiß), Größe 140 (Add-Ons/Extras)
7733 Prinzessinnen-T-Shirt (Blau), Größe 104 (Add-Ons/Extras)
7734 Prinzessinnen-T-Shirt (Blau), Größe 128 (Add-Ons/Extras)
7735 Prinzessinnen-T-Shirt (Blau), Größe 140 (Add-Ons/Extras)
7736 Piraten-T-Shirt (Blau), Größe 104 (Add-Ons/Extras)
7737 Piraten-T-Shirt (Blau), Größe 128 (Add-Ons/Extras)
7738 Piraten-T-Shirt (Blau), Größe 140 (Add-Ons/Extras)
7739 Indianer-T-Shirt (Blau), Größe 104 (Add-Ons/Extras)
7740 Indianer-T-Shirt (Blau), Größe 128 (Add-Ons/Extras)
7741 Indianer-T-Shirt (Blau), Größe 140 (Add-Ons/Extras)
7747 Panther with Baby (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
7748 2 Peacocks (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
7752 Pigeon Loft and Scarecrow (Farm)
7755 Zoo Enclosure (Zoo)
7756 Weidezaun (Farm)
7764 Polizeichef (Police)
7765 3 Polizisten (Police)
7766 3 Firemen (Rescue)
7770 3 Dragon Knights (Knights)
7783 Pink Unicorn (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
7784 Construction Pipes (Construction)
7787 Book: Abenteur der Weltgeschichte (Add-Ons/Extras)
7789 Prinzessinnen-T-Shirt (Rosa), Größe 104 (Add-Ons/Extras)
7790 Prinzessinnen-T-Shirt (Rosa), Größe 128 (Add-Ons/Extras)
7791 Prinzessinnen-T-Shirt (Rosa), Größe 140 (Add-Ons/Extras)
7800 Duffel bag (child size) (Add-Ons/Extras)
7801 Belt bag (child size) (Add-Ons/Extras)
7802 Neck Bag (child size) (Add-Ons/Extras)
7898 Zebra mit Fohlen (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
7986 carrier bag (Add-Ons/Extras)
9049 Eggstras (reissue) (Easter Eggs)
9065 Hammerhead Shark with Baby (Zoo)
9066 Octopus with Baby (Zoo)
9069 Seal with Pups (Zoo)
9071 Sea Turtle with Babies (Zoo)
9143 Captain Iglo (Promotional)
9215 Prince and Princess (Fairy Tales)
9216 Cruise Ship Officers (Leisure)
9232 VAG Nürnberg Traffic Master (Promotional)
9237 London Bobby (Promotional)
9279 Dog Trainer (Animal Clinic)
9284 Skier with Poles (Winter Fun)
9286 Winter Sports Trio (Winter Fun)
9287 Female Biathlete (Winter Fun)
9292 Easter Eggs (reissue) (Easter Eggs)
9332 PLAYMOBIL-Figures Boys (Serie 13) (Figures)
9405 Shoppers (City Life)
9415 Pirate with Cannon (Easter Eggs)
9417 Fortune Teller (Easter Eggs)
9418 Zookeeper with Seal Pups (Easter Eggs)
9443 PLAYMOBIL-Figures Boys (Serie 14) (Figures)
9444 PLAYMOBIL-Figures Girls (Serie 14) (Figures)
9446 Pirate and Soldier (Pirates)
9447 Winter Fairies (Fairy World)
9448 Astronauts (Space)
9449 Beachgoers (Leisure)
9492 Astronaut and Robot Duo Pack (Space)
9498 Santa and Christmas Angel (Christmas)
9503 Feuerwehr-Set mit Unterwas (Rescue)
9504 Privatjet (Airport)
9519 Play and Give Magic Pediatrician (Male) (Promotional)
9520 Play and Give Magic Pediatrician (Female) (Promotional)
9522 Pirates Playset (Pirates)
9532 Harvester (Farm)
9533 DRK MegaSet (Rescue)
9539 Ferienhotel (Leisure)
9541 Concertmaster of the Nurenberg Symphony (Promotional)
9542 Egyptian Treasure Carry Case (Egyptians)
9543 Carrying Case Large ''Kitchen'' (Modern House)
9820 Bridal Couple (Wedding)
9824 Referees (Sports)
9828 Boy Giveaway (Gift Series)
9829 Girl Giveaway (Gift Series)

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