PlaymoDB List - Sets needing instructions as of Wednesday January 11, 2017

Results: 195 sets

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3045 4 Eggs (Easter Eggs)
3071 Schuletute (Add-Ons/Accessories)
3101 Airline Mini Set LTU (Airport)
3103 Airline Mini Set Hapag Lloyd (Airport)
3104 Airline Mini Set Air Berlin (Airport)
3106 Airline Mini Set Eurowings (Airport)
3108 Airline Mini Set Condor (Airport)
3109 Airline Mini Aero Lloyd (Airport)
3122 Farm (Spain) (Farm)
3333x K-9 Patrol (Police)
3833x Pirate Twin Corsair (Pirates)
3962 Family And Car Antex (Traffic)
3963 Ranch Antex (Western)
3975 4 Eggs (Easter Eggs)
3999 Fireboat Antex (Rescue)
4091 Emergency Aid Crewman Keychain (Add-Ons/Klickies)
4895 PLAYMOBIL XXL Knight (Knights)
4896 PLAYMOBIL XXL Princess (Fairy Tales)
4935 Pirate Red Egg Kaufland (Easter Eggs)
5016 ADAC Keychain (Add-Ons/Klickies)
5095 THW Keychain (Add-Ons/Klickies)
5098 Play and Give Veterinarian (Promotional)
5099 Play and Give Firefighter (Promotional)
5243 PLAYMOBIL Figures Boys (Series 3) (Figures)
5244 PLAYMOBIL Figures Girls (Series 3) (Figures)
5394 Caesar and Cleopatra (Romans)
5459 PLAYMOBIL Figures Girls (Series 6) (Figures)
5460 PLAYMOBIL Figures Boys (Series 5) (Figures)
5537 PLAYMOBIL Figures Boys (Series 7) (Figures)
5538 PLAYMOBIL Figures Girls (Series 7) (Figures)
5598 Figures Boys Serie 9 (Figures)
5599 Figures Girls Serie 9 (Figures)
5851 Pteranodon And Velociraptor (Adventure)
5852 Triceratops And Baby (Adventure)
5853 Tyrannosaurus (Adventure)
5862 Battle Tower (Vikings)
5866 Pirates With Rowboat (Pirates)
5867 Pirates With Cannon (Pirates)
6139 Woman with Cat Family (Farm)
6177 PCI construction worker (Construction)
6188 TUV Rhineland (Television)
6191 Ice Hockey Referees (Sports)
6310 2 Coupling Hooks (Train)
6311 Camping Site Game (Gift Series)
6322 Native American Family II (Indians)
6323 Western Family (Western)
6324 Medieval Family (Knights)
6340 Mini Excavator (Construction)
6356 2 cows with calf (Add-Ons/Domestic Animals)
6357 2 cows with calf (Add-Ons/Domestic Animals)
6371 Wall extension for Royal Lion Knight's Castle and Hawk Knights' (Knights)
6377 Great hall interiour (Knights)
6378 Queen and King (Knights)
6392 Pizza baker (City Life)
6395 Traditional family (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6476 Exotic Animals (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6488 3 Egyptian Soldiers (Egyptians)
6489 Leader of the Egyptian Soldiers (Egyptians)
6490 3 Roman Soldiers (Romans)
6491 Roman Tribune (Romans)
6492 Egyptian Family (Egyptians)
6493 Roman Family (Romans)
6498 Red Dragon (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6501 Policemen and Policewoman (Police)
6502 Police Boss (Police)
6506 5 Soccer Balls (Sports)
6511 Space Robot (Space)
6523 Unicorn with 2 Foals (Fairy Tales)
6525 Detective (Victorian)
6528 Giveaway 1 (Gift Series)
6529 Giveaway 2 (Gift Series)
6530 Family (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6638 Rhino with Baby (Zoo)
6658 Pirate Keyring (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6664 Fireman Keyring (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6665 Mermaid Keyring (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6666 Medic Keyring (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6667 Penguin Keyring (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6668 Baby Donkey Keyring (Add-Ons/Domestic Animals)
6805 Boy with Scooter and Ball (Gift Series)
6806 Boy with Calf and Feeding Bottle (Gift Series)
6807 Boy Knight with Hobby Horse, Shield and Sword (Gift Series)
6808 Girl with Xylophone and Drum (Gift Series)
6809 Girl with Dog, Bone and Bowl (Gift Series)
6810 Girl with Pram, Doll and Feeding Bottle (Gift Series)
6836 Dragon Warrior (Easter Eggs)
6837 Queen Moonbeam with Baby Pegasus (Easter Eggs)
6838 Kite Surfer (Easter Eggs)
6842 Elf and Dwarf Duo Pack (Fairy World)
6843 Princess and Handmaid Duo Pack (Fairy Tales)
6844 Scientist with Robot Duo Pack (Action)
6845 Flamenco Dancers Duo Pack (Western)
6846 Pirate and Soldier Duo Pack (Pirates)
6847 Knights' Rivalry Duo Pack (Knights)
6859 Referees (Sports)
6881 Party Fashion Girl (City Life)
6882 Summer Fashion Girl (City Life)
6883 Fifties Fashion Girl (City Life)
6884 Formal Fashion Girl (City Life)
6885 City Fashion Girl (City Life)
6886 Beach Fashion Girl (City Life)
6892 Whitewater Rafters (Leisure)
6940 Leopard with Cubs (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6941 Warthogs (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6942 Gazelles (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6943 Wildebeests (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6944 Water Buffaloes (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6945 Hippo with Calf (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6946 Safari Enclosure (Add-Ons/Accessories)
9000 Pirate Chameleon with Ruby (Super 4)
9001 Kingsland Dragon with Alex (Super 4)
9003 Skyjet with Dr. X & Robot (Super 4)
9062 Penguin Enclosure (Zoo)
9065 Hammerhead Shark with Baby (Zoo)
9066 Octopus with Baby (Zoo)
9068 Swordfish with Baby (Zoo)
9069 Seal with Pups (Zoo)
9070 Pelican Family (Zoo)
9071 Sea Turtle with Babies (Zoo)
9080 Cupcake Shop (City Life)
9081 ATM (City Life)
9082 Florist (City Life)
9089 RC Turbo Racer (Racing)
9090 RC Rocket Racer (Racing)
9091 RC Roadster (Racing)
9101 Space Exploration Carry Case (Space)
9103 Family Picnic Carry Case (City Life)
9107 Extreme Sports Carry Case (Sports)
9126 Rock Climbers with Cabin (Outdoor)
9129 Biker and Hiker (Outdoor)
9130 Mountain Rescue Quad (Outdoor)
9132 Magical Fairy Forest (Fairy World)
9133 Enchanted Fairy Ship (Fairy World)
9134 Friendly Dragon with Baby (Fairy World)
9135 Mystical Fairy Glen (Fairy World)
9137 Enchanted Fairy with Horse (Fairy World)
9138 Fairy Girl with Storks (Fairy World)
9139 Fairy Girl with Racoons (Fairy World)
9140 Fairy Girl with Animal Friends (Fairy World)
9141 Fairy Girl with Fawns (Fairy World)
9146 PLAYMOBIL Figures Boys (Series 11) (Figures)
9147 PLAYMOBIL Figures Girls (Series 11) (Figures)
9149 Play and Give Zeus (Promotional)
9150 Play and Give Athena (Promotional)
9183 NHL® St. Louis Blues® Goalie (Sports)
9193 Goalie Arizona Coyotes (Sports)
9197 Goalie San Jose Sharks (Sports)
9203 Orange Roller Racer (Action)
9204 Blue Roller Racer (Action)
9205 Orange Hang Glider (Action)
9206 Yellow Hang Glider (Action)
9211 Schwabacher Goldschlaeger (Promotional)
9214 Roman (Promotional)
9215 Prince and Princess (Knights)
9216 Cruise Ship Officers (Airport)
9217 Ranger and Hunter (Safari)
9218 Policeman and Burglar (Police)
9226 Bridal Shop (Wedding)
9227 Wedding Limo (Wedding)
9228 Wedding Reception (Wedding)
9229 Wedding Ceremony (Wedding)
9230 Flower Children and Photographer (Wedding)
9231 T-Rex Angriff (Adventure)
9232 VAG Nürnberg Traffic Master (Promotional)
9233 Glass-Bottom Boat with Underwater Motor (Waterworld)
9234 Submarine with Underwater Motor (Waterworld)
9235 Firefighter with Car (Rescue)
9236 Policemen with Van (Police)
9258 Riding instructor (Riding Stables)
9259 Horse Therapist (Riding Stables)
9260 Mounted Police (Riding Stables)
9261 Jockey (Riding Stables)
9300 Single Klicky Sets (5 Sets) (Antex)
9402 Bike & Skate Shop (City Life)
9501 Soldiers With Cannon (Antex)
9502 PLAYMOBIL-Pickup mit Wohnwagen (Leisure)
9503 Kitchen Set (Antex)
9504 Bedroom (Antex)
9509 National Team Player Belgium (Sports)
9510 National Team Player Brazil (Sports)
9511 National Team Player Germany (Sports)
9512 National Team Player England (Sports)
9513 National Team Player France (Sports)
9514 Fire Rescue (Antex)
9515 National Team Player Mexico (Sports)
9517 National Team Player Spain (Sports)
9518 Policia (Antex)
9602 Diver And Raft (Antex)
9604 Builder And Road Roller (Antex)
9609 Dad And Son In Inflatable Dinghy (Antex)
9743 Well Equipped Cop (Antex)
9749 Mechanic (Antex)
9898 Beach Extravaganza (Antex)
9950 Emergency Services (Rescue)
9951 Farm (Farm)

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