PlaymoDB List - Sets needing instructions as of January 14, 2018

Results: 180 sets

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3038 Formula 1 Car (Racing)
3044 Moto-Cross Rider (Racing)
3047 Domestic Animal Assortment (Add-Ons/Domestic Animals)
3061 Pirate crew (Pirates)
3086 Jungle Explorer male (Jungle)
3087 Jungle Explorer female (Jungle)
3088 Alligator Ravine (Jungle)
3089 Natives (Jungle)
3091 Formula 1 Racing (Racing)
3100 Pilot & stewardess (Promotional)
3226 Skunks (Outdoor)
3273 Traffic Signs With Police (Traffic)
3331 Dirt Bike Rider (Outdoor)
3337 Dog Feeding Time (Farm)
3354 F.D.N.Y. Fire Fighter (Rescue)
3398 Fakirs With Snake Basket & Rope (Circus)
3613 Racing Transport Truck (Racing)
3639 Zoo Keeper & Hippos (Zoo)
3648 Tigers (3) (Color)
3685 Ice Hockey (Winter Fun)
3686 Curling Match (Winter Fun)
3688 Snowman & Kids (Winter Fun)
3693 Black Car With Skiers (Winter Fun)
3710 Racing Cyclist (Racing)
3714 Children And Ponies (Farm)
3752 Gardener/Lawnmower (Farm)
3763 Horse And Rider (Farm)
3792 Pirate With Floating Rowboat (Pirates)
3796 Luge Racer (Winter Fun)
3846 Performance Cycler (Racing)
3857 Naval Guards (Pirates)
3947 The Strong Four (Easter Eggs)
3985 K-9 (Police)
4116 Tipper Car (Train)
4385 12 Curved Tracks (Train)
4386 2 Straight Tracks (Train)
4387 2 Curved Tracks (Train)
4389 Right Switch (Train)
4391 Bumper Stop (Train)
4451 Easter Bunny with Wheelbarrow (Easter)
4952 Robber Gnome (Gift Series)
4964 Corsair (Gift Series)
4965 Red Corsair with Monkey (Gift Series)
4966 Female Pirate (Gift Series)
4994 Tour de France Bicyclist (Racing)
4995 Tour de France Victory (Racing)
4998 Multi-Sport Boy (Action)
4999 Multi-Sport Girl (Action)
5394 Caesar and Cleopatra (Egyptians)
5592 St. Nicholas and Christmas Angel (Christmas)
6201 Gorilla with Baby (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6260 2 Ostriches (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6271 Native American Chief (Indians)
6272 3 Native American Warriors (Indians)
6277 Western Sheriff (Western)
6311 Camping Site Game (Gift Series)
6318 Alpine Animals (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6322 Native American Family II (Indians)
6323 Western Family (Western)
6325 Red Dragon Knights Leader (Knights)
6326 3 Red Dragon Knights (Knights)
6327 Green Samurai Knights Leader (Knights)
6328 3 Green Samurai Knights (Knights)
6331 Viking Campsite (Vikings)
6356 2 cows with calf (Add-Ons/Domestic Animals)
6357 2 cows with calf (Add-Ons/Domestic Animals)
6366 Mammoth with Calf (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6371 Wall extension for Royal Lion Knight's Castle and Hawk Knights' (Knights)
6377 Great hall interiour (Knights)
6378 Queen and King (Knights)
6391 Childs play area (Leisure)
6392 Pizza baker (City Life)
6395 Traditional family (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6407 Top (First Smile)
6408 Dolphin With Boat (First Smile)
6409 Lady Bug (First Smile)
6411 Vet Game (Gift Series)
6415 Fence Extension for Large Farm (6120) (Farm)
6421 Nilpferd mit Baby (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6432 Giant Troll (Knights)
6433 Pirate Captain with Map (Pirates)
6435 French General (Pirates)
6436 3 French Soldiers (Pirates)
6461 Pegasus mit Fohlen (Fairy Tales)
6488 3 Egyptian Soldiers (Egyptians)
6490 3 Roman Soldiers (Romans)
6491 Roman Tribune (Romans)
6492 Egyptian Family (Egyptians)
6498 Red Dragon (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6502 Police Boss (Police)
6506 5 Soccer Balls (Sports)
6511 Space Robot (Space)
6523 Unicorn with 2 Foals (Fairy Tales)
6530 Family (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6534 Ponies with Foals (Add-Ons/Domestic Animals)
6539 Leopard Family (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6540 Lynx Family (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6542 Chimpanzee Family (Add-Ons/Wild Animals)
6549 Grandparents (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6561 Fairy Family (Fairy World)
6562 Royal Family (Fairy Tales)
6565 Yellow Carry Case (Add-Ons/Extras)
6566 Boy Giveaway (Gift Series)
6567 Girl Giveaway (Gift Series)
6569 Schlüsselanhänger Feuerwehr (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6619 Pirate Rico Keyring (Add-Ons/Klickies)
6846 Pirate and Soldier Duo Pack (Pirates)
6847 Knights' Rivalry Duo Pack (Knights)
6881 Party Fashion Girl (City Life)
6883 Fifties Fashion Girl (City Life)
6892 Whitewater Rafters (Leisure)
9065 Hammerhead Shark with Baby (Zoo)
9066 Octopus with Baby (Zoo)
9068 Swordfish with Baby (Zoo)
9069 Seal with Pups (Zoo)
9070 Pelican Family (Zoo)
9071 Sea Turtle with Babies (Zoo)
9208 Fairies with Magic Cauldron (Easter Eggs)
9215 Prince and Princess (Fairy Tales)
9216 Cruise Ship Officers (Leisure)
9217 Ranger and Hunter (Safari)
9218 Policeman and Burglar (Police)
9221 Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (Movies)
9265 XXL Pirate (Pirates)
9275 Tiny Paws Pet Hotel (Animal Clinic)
9276 Purrfect Stay Cat Boarding (Animal Clinic)
9277 Small Animal Boarding (Animal Clinic)
9278 Mobile Pet Groomer (Animal Clinic)
9279 Dog Trainer (Animal Clinic)
9284 Skier with Poles (Winter Fun)
9286 Winter Sports Trio (Winter Fun)
9287 Female Biathlete (Winter Fun)
9288 Skier (Winter Fun)
9296 Schornsteinfeger mit Glücksschweinchen (Gift Series)
9297 Don Quixote (Promotional)
9321 Music Class Carry Case (City Life)
9328 Pirate Adventure Play Map (Pirates)
9329 Motocross Play Map (Sports)
9330 Fairy Garden Play Map (Fairy World)
9331 Pony Walk Play Map (Riding Stables)
9332 PLAYMOBIL-Figures Boys (Serie 13) (Figures)
9333 PLAYMOBIL-Figures Girls (Serie 13) (Figures)
9340 Mobile Dwarf Fortress (Knights)
9341 Horse-Drawn Ballista (Knights)
9342 Dwarf Flyer (Knights)
9343 Giant Troll with Dwarf Fighter (Knights)
9344 Dwarf King with Guards (Knights)
9345 Dwarf Fighter with Pony (Knights)
9346 Ghostbuster Egon Spengler (Movies)
9347 Ghostbuster Peter Venkman (Movies)
9348 Ghostbuster Raymond Stantz (Movies)
9349 Ghostbuster Winston Zeddemore (Movies)
9350 Ice Crystal Princess (Fairy Tales)
9351 Ice Flower Princess (Fairy Tales)
9352 Star Shimmer Princess (Fairy Tales)
9353 Winter Blossom Princess (Fairy Tales)
9370 Lastwagen (Add-Ons/Vehicles)
9371 Police Money Transporter (Police)
9372 Police Station (Police)
9376 Porsche Macan GTS (Promotional)
9392 Gingerbread Baker (Promotional)
9401 Horse Tack Shop (City Life)
9402 Bike & Skate Shop (City Life)
9403 Grocery Shop (City Life)
9404 Family Car with Parking Space (City Life)
9405 Shoppers (City Life)
9412 Charity-Figur für "Ein Herz für Kinder" (Promotional)
9413 Play and Give Grandmother (Promotional)
9414 Play and Give Grandfather (Promotional)
9429 Hidden Temple with T-Rex (Adventure)
9430 Adventure Copter with Pterodactyl (Adventure)
9431 Motocross Bike with Raptor (Adventure)
9432 Vehicle With Stegosaurus (Adventure)
9433 Enemy Airboat with Raptors (Adventure)
9434 Enemy Quad with Triceratops (Adventure)
9483 Rembrandt Wedding Portraits (Promotional)
9969 Diver (Waterworld)
9970 Knight (Knights)
9972 Astronaut (Space)
9985 assorted surprise eggs (Easter Eggs)

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