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Winter Fairies

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Theme: Fairy World  /  Focus: Klickies

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Distinct parts:
8 inventoried, (unknown) by hand-count
First released: 2018/03/01

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Winter fairy, blue hair, white face, blue/light green dress Photo available for k9447a
Winter fairy, white hair, formal blue gown with white gloves Photo available for k9447b

Wearable    Browse all parts in the 'Wearable' category

30 04 9992
Crown for fairy, flower in front Photo available for 30 04 9992
30 04 9992
30 06 6192
Armguard, curly design
30 06 6192
clear pale grey
30 07 3622
Decoration for hair, curvy strands with little flowers Photo available for 30 07 3622
30 07 3622
30 07 3632
Collar, wide in back, with pegs for wings Photo available for 30 07 3632
30 07 3632
30 25 8252
Wings, large, for fairy or butterfly, with snap for back
30 25 8252
clear pink
30 60 7772
Butterfly wings for fairy (separated pair) Photo available for 30 60 7772
30 60 7772

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